The 8th International IPA OFF-ROAD Rally POLAND 2013

On the initiative of the IPA Mazovia Regional (Provincial) Group after some complications (i.e. change of date, routes and special stages), the 8th International IPA OFF-ROAD POLAND 2013 Rally finally took place on 25-26 October 2013.

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Again, at the invitation of IPA Szolnok, the representatives of the IPA Region Radom went to Hungary to participate in the next Goulash Festival.

We left early Thursday morning. After a few hours of driving we arrived in Hungary. In the late afternoon we arrived to where we were greeted by Juliana, Josef, Ferenc, and Bozenka. In the evening we were treated to dinner, during which we were able to taste the dishes of the Hungarian cuisine. The board ran out among other delicious goulash soup and very tasty peppers stuffed with meat.

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On June 21, Radom afternoon sky, dropping tons of hail, unsuccessfully tried to dissuade us from the idea of ​​an experimental trip to Albania.We all either know from experience, or at least heard of the attractions of the rocky beaches of Croatia. But Albania! However, it was a good idea. “Cheerful bus” took on board the IPA members from the Regions of the National Police Headquarters, PTC in Legionowo, Radom, and also their families.

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