Carnival Ball in IPA Region Sochaczew


For the eleventh time the Board of the IPA Region Sochaczew organized a "Carnival Ball". It was held in a beautiful eighteenth - century baroque Polish village mansion, located in the village of Strzyżew. The mansion has been restored with great reverence and attention. The event was attended by IPA members, police officers and the supporters of our association.

There were 110 people feasting in a stylish banquet hall. Between "home-made" meals guests could dance in "the Huntsman Hall" located in the mansion dungeon. During the meeting, the District Police Commander in Sochaczew - Col. Janusz Patury - a member of our organization, officially handed over to Piotr Osiecki - Mayor of Sochaczew the IPA Polish Section Merit – Member card. The Vice Secretary of the IPA Sochaczew Region Board - Paweł Dubielecki – honoured our colleague Grzegorz Otter with a 10-year membership badge and certificate. The ball lasted until dawn, the most persistent left the party after four o'clock.



Written by – Juliusz Dworakowski

Photos – Dominik Szczepanik

Translated by: (C) Krzysztof Kapturski

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