Improving safe driving techniques should be the heart of every driver, regardless of their experience behind the wheel. Over time, unfortunately, we acquire the so-called muscle memory that absorbs our bad habits like a sponge. They concern, for example, the seemingly prosaic matter, such as the position in the chair or the way of holding the steering wheel.

There is no escape from the laws of physics. Despite equipping our vehicles with more and more sophisticated safety systems, which - let's face it - are often supposed to correct unwise decisions of drivers, if the contrary compatriot is stubborn, he is ready to lead to misfortune on the road.

On Saturday, January 29, 2022, another group of twenty members and supporters of IPA, including holders of the title of "Meritorious for the Polish Section of the IPA", had the opportunity to take care of changing their bad habits. First, a bit of theory, and then practical training on the professional track of the Autodrom Jastrząb. The task of the track is to make the driver's life as difficult as possible. So there are chicanes, bends, water curtains behind the jerk, braking on slippery and wet surfaces, and other “attractions”. The trainees practice avoiding obstacles, recovering the vehicle from a skid, and emergency braking. Hands hurt and sweat - regardless of the changing weather - runs down your back to the less noble parts of the body. Anyway, in the case of the weather at the Autodrome, the rule is that the worse the better. After all, it is not hard to drive on dry surfaces with good grip.

At the end of the training, a bit of sport - checking the acquired skills by overcoming the designated obstacle course in the shortest possible time. Each mistake means extra penalty seconds. So a training and fun in one. Only positive emotions.

We visited Autodrom for the second time, but probably not the last. We would like to thank the ITS Michalczewski company, whose management has the title of "Meritorious for the Polish Section of the IPA". Thanks to them, we took advantage of the preferential prices for the training. We would also like to thank the instructors of the track - full professed!


Text and photos: Krzysztof Kapturski


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