This year, the Polish Section of the IPA was represented at the meeting of the National Council of the IPA Romanian Section by 1st Vice President - Witold Drzażdżyński and the undersigned, chairman of the IPA Region Radom.

From the Bucharest Airport we were picked up by the IPA headquarters’ staff (the Romanian Section Statute foresees the possibility of employing civilians, and what is more they can be regular members of the Association!) and Region 1 Galaţi chairman - Corneliu Potică, who for the purposes of the conference shared his car. Our newly acquainted IPA-fellows Laura Savu and Cristina Salau also played the role of English-speaking interpreters and foreign guests’ guardians. Destination - the famous mountain ski resort in Poiana Braşov, located in southern Transylvania, is away from the airport by about 175 km.

The meeting was attended by all members of the Romanian IPA authorities, headed by prof. Dr. Costică Voicu, a retired two-star general, former chief of police and Rector of Police Academy. The historian by education and passion (is fascinated by Polish history and is well-versed in it) heads the Romanian IPA Section since 1996.

The situation at the internal borders of the EU due to the growing problem of the influx of refugees, prevented some national sections of delegating to Poiana Braşov their representatives. However, among the foreign guests were Germans, Austrians, Moldovans, Greeks, Belgians. The director of the Centre for Information and Training IBZ Gimborn - René Kauffmann also attended. What is interesting and worth emphasizing the problem of refugees in Europe was one of the main items on the agenda. It is very clear that the IPA conference gathered Romanian representatives of all services eligible for membership in the organization, while still interested in solving the problem. They are collected within the Ministry of Interior: Police, Gendarmerie, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Security and Protection Service, the Special Telecommunications Service, Romanian Intelligence Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, as well as civilian personnel of the Ministry. Moreover, the services concentrated in the Ministry of Justice and finally the local police.

Foreign guests were provided with tourism program. In this way, we could visit the nearby cave Valea Cetatti where music concerts are organized (not just classical) by musicians using excellent acoustics of naturally decorated with stalagmites and stalactites "concert hall". We were also in Rasnov, where you can visit the thirteenth-century citadel, constructed on the remains of a Roman camp, aimed to protect the population against the Turkish raids. The narrow streets of the fortress are routed using the natural topography of the hill. An interesting fact is that the water was drawn here from the 146-metre well. From the highest point of the fortress stretches a breathtaking view of small towns located in the valleys. Mountains wrapped up with clouds also had a unique charm.

Banquet for all participants of the conference was enriched by artists: Aurelian Temişan – well-known Romanian singer, television personality, a member of the Romanian Police football team and the IPA supporting member; Alisa Toma - a police inspector, Transylvania and other lands of Romania folklore singer, blessed with a strong voice; Adriana Popescu with her band, also by her outfit and singing presenting the Romanian folklore. Interestingly, we found that a lot of folk songs are linked to a particular type of dance that requires knowledge of its moves. Usually dances are held in a circle surrounding smaller circles. During the ceremony there was the traditional exchange of gifts.

We received, among others, commemorative badge "Honorary distinction", pennants, ties, pins and recently published study on the history of Romanian criminology by Lăzar Cȃrjana. On behalf of the President of the IPA Polish Section we thanked for the invitation and hospitality, we also congratulated the Romanian colleagues the great organization of the conference.

Like any such meeting so that, held among the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, home of the legendary Count Dracula, was an opportunity to make new contacts and renew old ones with the IPA-fellows from outside of the country on the Vistula River.

It is worth recalling that in 2013, in Bucharest, the then President of the IPA Polish Section - Arkadiusz Skrzypczak and the President of the IPA Romanian Section - General Costică Voicu signed agreement for the exchange of 6-8-person group of policemen at the level of national section and provincial groups and regions. President Costică Voicu said he was very glad with the current mutual cooperation. The good cooperation with Romanian colleagues was also emphasized by other foreign guests. Romanian Section of the IPA is certainly an important partner. At the same time gathering 152 regions composed of the above-mentioned services of the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Justice, Romanian IPA is the second highest in number of members national section worlwide. More IPA-fellows you can only find in Germany.

Written by:   Krzysztof Kapturski

Photos:        Sorin Dorobantu – IPA Romania,

       Krzysztof Kapturski


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