On August 21, a group of the IPA Region Radom members, together with colleagues from the National Police Headquarters and the Metropolitan Police Headquarters set out to conquer the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm. With a few organizational turmoil happily, after a night of travel we arrived at Świnoujście. Then a bus to Sassnitz and a short walk to the ferry.

Flowing from the port we could admire the beautiful cliffs and azure, calm sea. After four hours we were already in Rone. The bus arrived at the accommodation in Hasle. Then the allocation of bungalows and some rest after a hard journey. We spent Sunday relaxing: walking in the countryside, seaside, visiting the charming town of Hasle. Some of us enjoyed a swim in the heated pool at the resort.

On Monday we went as a group to the Police station in Rone. We were hosted by the Duch IPA member Mikkel who spoke about the work on the island, showed us uniforms, police cars. He answered every question we asked. Due to the ongoing actions of the German police and border guards we could not visit the station from the inside. After handing souvenirs and exchange of business cards we went to visit the charming port city Rone. Interestingly, Mikkel himself volunteered to work in Rone due to the decidedly calmer service on the island than on the mainland. Leisure willing to spent with his family.

The following days we could individually arrange our time. One could plan a cycling route, visit beautiful villages and medieval rotunda churches, unique to the island of Bornholm, or traverse the route on foot. The latter form of sightseeing was the most interesting. You could "touch" the beauty of the island, admire the scenery, beautiful views and wildlife.

Visiting the thirteenth century castle in Hammershus made a big impression. We went on foot from Hasle to Vang enjoying the charming little fishing ports, the characteristic herring smokehouses and rocks at Jons Kapel. Wandering we saw beautiful ponds and rock lakes, closed quarries. We visited very nice towns: Allinge, Gudhjem, Swaneke Aakirkeby, churches in Olsker and Østerlars. Few people know that on the island grow figs. We had the pleasure of eating ripe fruit - very tasty!

Of course, we had to try Danish herring. In a specially adapted restaurant in an old smokehouse in Hasle a possible selection was very large. The fish were delicious, as well as freshly caught and fried flounder on the eve of departure.

On Saturday, packing and saying goodbye to Hasle. On the ferry tear in the eye spun. The majority of us declared that next year, they would come back here! Let it be!

We came back to Radom happy, though a little tired.

And those who have not yet been on the island we invite to enjoy a trip next year.


Written by & photos: Zygmunt Kot

Translated by: Krzysztof Kapturski


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