On Sunday, 18 March 2012, three members of the IPA Płońsk Region Presidium and two members of the Audit Committee went on tour to Pomeranian Teutonic Order castles trail. It was a trip of integration after the formation of a new Presidium and Audit Committee elected during the Meeting on 20th of January 2012.

We started with a breakfast in Radzyń Chełmiński, where we visited the ruins of the 13th century Gothic Teutonic Order castle, a seat of the Commandry. The view of the ruins, draped in this time of day with rather dense fog made was very impressive.

The Teutonic Cathedral&Castle Complex in Kwidzyn was raised in the 14th century. This Gothic structure is a branch of the Castle Museum in Malbork. This time of year there are not many tourists here, but the museum staff is willing to provide information. In the castle cellars we saw the medieval cannons and instruments of torture, while on every floor we saw paintings, old furniture, sculptures, ceramics, iron and stuffed animals – birds and others (some of them in the natural surroundings).

The Cathedral is very well equipped - for example there is an oak bishop throne.

Built in the fourteenth century Gothic-Renaissance chateau Golub is beautifully situated among the meandering river Drwęca. Situated on a high hill is visible from a distance on each side. We visited the castle with a guide. On the ground floor we saw the ethnographic museum exhibits, hearth "hipokaustum" used to heat the rooms, torture chamber, hunger dungeon, penance cells, and other interesting places related to many legends of the castle.

We should also mention that the castle hosts many cultural events, for example oratorical contests, New Year and carnival balls and knight tournaments.

The trip, in addition to its tourist and cognitive function, we used as a scout before the summer departure, in the wider family circle. The second exit may be able to rip in time with one of the cultural events to be completed in Golub-Dobrzyń.

Moreover, in Kwidzyń we made contact with a police officer of local police unit, who accompanied us in exploring objects.


written by Zbigniew Kaniak

photo: see website www.ipaplonsk.oz.pl

translated by ©Krzysztof Kapturski

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