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7th International IPA OFF ROAD Car Rally

On 19-21 October 2012, in the surroundings of Lukow (Lubelskie Province) the 7th International IPA OFF ROAD 2012 Car Rally, organized by the IPA Mazovian Provincial Group took place.

Base for the rally was the "Zima Woda” (Cold Water) Inn in Lukow. There were 58 crews - more than 120 people. Participants were divided into groups depending on vehicles types and experience of their owners.

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20 years of the IPA in Mazovia

On September 15, 2012 in Płock the twentieth anniversary of the IPA in Mazovian province was celebrated. It was in Płock where on 4th December 1992 the first founding meeting of the IPA  Mazovian Provincial Group was held. On 27th February 1993, the Polish Section National Executive Commission approved the formation of the Mazovian Provincial Group.

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