"Neptune 2014" rally in Lithuania


On 13-15 June 2014 the Lithuanian Section of the International Police Association organized the 17th IPA Rally, this time under the banner of "Neptune 2014". The meeting was held in a resort "Žilvitis" in Karkle near Klaipeda. The Masovian Voivodeship (Provincial) Group of the International Police Association was represented by members of the IPA Region Radom - Zygmunt Kot and Maciej Szlacheta, along with their families. This outdoor-camping event was also attended by representatives of the Podlachia and Świętokrzyskie Provincial Groups of the IPA.

The event, in addition to competing in family sports competitions, was an excellent opportunity to meet with policemen from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, as well as to discuss and have fun with music. Colleagues from different   Lithuanian IPA regions prepared an interesting programme by presenting artistic scenes associated with the sea and Neptune. We paid particular attention to performance prepared by a group of police officers from the region Kalwarija, who presented a parody of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, including performances of Polish Donatan & Cleo and the winner - Conchita Wurst. For the promotion of Poland we rewarded them with a cup. In the evening discos with performances of local bands were held.

During our stay in Lithuania we also visited the main Lithuanian harbour of Klaipeda with its small Old Town and charming tenements. Near the Old Town are modern buildings and Casino which makes you feel like in a place of modernity, freedom and fun.

The event is organized regularly every year, each time in a different place in Lithuania. We urge everybody to participate in its subsequent editions.

Text and photos Maciej Szlacheta

Translared by Krzysztof Kapturski


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