Meeting of the Mazovian Provincial Group of the IPA in Zielonka near Warsaw


On 24 January 2014 the Club Galop (Eng. Gallop) in Zielonka was a place of a meeting of the Board of the IPA Mazovian Provincial Group. During the meeting the activities of the Regions (Branches) in 2013 were summarized. We also discussed important issues related to the conduct of financial records and outlined an action plan for 2014.

Previous year seems to be very successful in the activities of the Mazovian Provincial Group. In many Regions a number of initiatives (i.e. to organize meetings, trips, seminars, participation in national and international events) were undertaken.

And so: Radom Region organized the Polish Open Championships of the IPA in table tennis, trips to Prague, to the police academy in Germany in response to the invitation of the IPA Bork Branch, to Albania, and to Hungary for the feast of stew. Delegations from Latvia, Ukraine and Germany were received. Members of the IPA Radom participated in many events organized by their IPA fellows from other countries. The crew of the IPA Region Radom took the 5th place overall and first among the IPA crews in the 8th International Motor Rally IPA OFF ROAD Poland 2013 which was organized by the Mazovian Group. On an ongoing basis have been organized social events such as welcoming spring, mushroom picking, Christmas meeting.

Region Płońsk in 2013 organized a number of sporting events, tourist attractions, festivals and anniversary meetings. Traditionally Region co-organized the celebrations of the Police Day receiving as always guests from several foreign delegations. Family trips to Latvia, to the Polish Jura, and a trip of the motorcycle section to the Bieszczady Mountains integrated the police community and mobilized it to work even better. It should be added that there are two more sections in the IPA Region Płońsk: football and volleyball ones. Local meetings are played, teams participate in tournaments organized by other groups. The Region operates its own website and publishes occasional newsletter. In 2013 Region Płońsk celebrated its fifth anniversary. Good cooperation with local governments can address a number of initiatives and their implementation.

Regions: Sochaczew, Plock, Wyszków, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Legionowo, Siedlce, Ostroleka took a number of initiatives and organized meetings, trips, carnival balls, canoeing, shooting at the shooting range "Cel" (Eng. Target) owned by the IPA Section Polish merit member Jack Pliszka, motorcycle trips to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Region Sochaczew) and the Solina Lake. On the initiative of the Plock Region funds were collected to help our colleague from the Czech Republic who, after a stroke has to take a long, costly rehabilitation. The funds were passed during the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the IPA Region Hranice. Of course, we do not forget about our very likeable colleague, IPA Region Sochaczew chairman, who fights like a lion with a disease. We are as one with Juliusz and wish him full recovery!

After his reports, the IPA Mazovian Provincial Group treasurer Krzysztof Kapturski outlined the principles of financial records and presented the budget for 2014. Reports and budget were unanimously approved.

In 2014 Regions plan to continue organizing cyclic events and, depending on the needs of the members of the IPA, take new initiatives. The Group Bureau proposed to organize in 2014 the 9th International Rally IPA OFF ROAD 2014, a trip to Przemysl combined with a short visit in Lviv, and a pedestrian rally in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Eng. Holy Cross Mountains) organized jointly with the IPA Kielce Provincial Group.

Before dinner, after the end of the session we visited the Jerzy Hoffman museum. Mrs. Patrycja Ładno - the hosts’ daughter showed us around the museum presenting the magnificent work of the director. We could see the authentic props that were used in Mr. Hofman’s films, watch some fragments of his movies. Impressions wonderful! It is really worth seeing!

Servo per Amikeco

Written by & photos: Zygmunt Kot - IPA Mazovian Provincial Group President

Translated by: © Krzysztof Kapturski


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