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The history of the Legionowo Region reaches 1995 when a branch of the IPA was established within the structures of the Warsaw (Metropolitan) Provincial Group. Its first chairman was Mirosław Skonieczny, who performed this function for two years. In very short time the branch in Legionowo, on account of its base and considerable number of members, happened one of the most dynamic Regions existing in the country. The first international contacts were established in 1997 with the IPA groups from Italian Pompei, Swedish Trollhantan, Dutch Groningen, or for instance Belgic Brussels. In the following years the Region hosted delegations from British Colchester and a nine-person delegation from Israel. After the administrative transformation in Poland the IPA Region Police Training Centre in Legionowo became a part of the Mazovian Provincial Group (2003). The Region new Chairman was Arkadiusz Skrzypczak. He performed this function till 2009. The successive chairpersons were Agnieszka Hamelusz, and – since 2012 - Magdalena Błażejak.
The first partner to co-operate with Legionowo Region was Hungarian IPA Region from the city of Szekszard. The next one was German IPA Region Grimberg. The crucial period was the year 2005, when for the first time our Region invited foreign IPA delegations to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Police Training Centre. This was the beginning of an annual tradition of celebrating the Police Day together with the IPA international society.
During these events police officers from different continents have been coming to Legionowo. They wear their national uniforms.
The year 2009 recorded itself particularly in the Region’s annals. Then, the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Polish Police was joined by the delegations from 21 countries, i.e.: Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Israel, Malta, San Marino, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia. The official ceremony began with an introduction to the parade ground of the foreign delegations with the state flags by the orchestra of the Metropolitan Police Emerald Society Pipes & Drums. The celebration was graced by Michael Odysseos – the International IPA President, who delivered a speech.
Delegations of Legionowo Region repeatedly accepted the invitations of the foreign IPA Regions. Naturally the Region hosted foreign colleagues, too. One of the most successful trips was the one to New York City, USA (2004). Noteworthy are also: participation in the holiday of the grape harvest in Hungarian Szekszard (a couple of times), taking part in a Police Day celebration in Brussels, or in Lithuanian Section jamboree in Taurage (2005). We also participated in the holiday of the grape harvest in German Schweich (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011), went to Denmark (2007), Ireland, Latvia, Estonia and Tatarstan in 2007, to Israel, Tatarstan and Austria in 2008, to Slovakia in 2009 and to Cyprus in 2009 and 2010.
It became the custom that the Region hosted delegations of the above mentioned countries during their return visits.
We also need to mention that delegations of Legionowo Region did not miss the opportunity of taking part in the International Police March in Brussels in 2006, and in 2008 in the 7th International Friendship Week in Lido de Jesolo in Italy. In 2010 co-operation with German IPA Region Egge was established.
In 2006 our Region supported the Polish Section in realizing the training project “Safe volunteer”. The year 2008 was the beginning of the youth exchange programme between Polish and Irish National Sections. Our guests could tour Poland and get familiar with the functioning of Polish police. In May 2009 the Tripartite Agreement of Police Schools Legionowo-Gustrov-Nimes was signed. Within the framework of the agreement members of the Region are able to get to know secrets of the work of German and French police, to participate in trainings and seminars expanding their knowledge and skills. The agreement still remains in force, so every year delegations of the schools exchange.
Speaking of the international activity of the Legionowo Region one needs to mention Hubert Kowalik. He, as one of the first Polish policemen, in 2008 took part in a two-week professional training in German Wolfsburg within the frames of the IPA Placement Programme. Moreover, in 2011 two persons went to Ireland within the frames of the Youth Gathering Programme. Another one person went to Fulda in Germany (again Placement Programme).
The Region prides itself on organizing in December 2008 a Christmas event with a real Santa from Finnish Lapland. The gym floor was full of nearly one hundred children of police officers and school staff waiting for St. Nicholas. Gifts for the children were founded by Confectionery Plant “Vobro” from Brodnica.
Of merit for the IPA cooperating with the Region are members of the vocal group Vox, who many times honoured our IPA events by their performances.
Among many activities of the Region one should also mention the participation in sports events such as football tournaments in Serock and Mielno (2003), Błażejewko, Przasnysz (2007), National Defense Academy tournament in 2004, different competitions organized by the Mazovian Provincial Group. In 2006 the Region organized a football tournament in Legionowo Police Training Centre.
Members of the Region many times have participated in seminars and conferences organized by the IPA world authorities, as well as by other National Sections. At present former Region Chairman Arkadiusz Skrzypczak performs a function of Polish Section President (second term – 2007-2013). Earlier he was the First V-ce President of Polish Section (2004-2007). During the current term our colleague Agnieszka Hamelusz performs a function of the Polish Section Secretary. A. Skrzypczak for his activity in the IPA was decorated with the Golden Cross of Merit (2008), and earlier in 2005 the Polish Section awarded him with the Arthur Troop Medal.

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