2020 is not favorable for IPA's activities. The project plan had to be put back on the shelf. However, we could not let go of the event that was postponed from last year - the course of perfecting the driving technique on the professional track “Autodrom Jastrząb” near Szydłowiec. Initially, the course was supposed to take place in April, but the coronavirus restrictions thwarted our plans.

Finally, on Saturday, August 29, a group of 20 members, supporters of the IPA Radom Region and the IPA Polish Section merit members cooperating with our Region - she showed up on the track in the morning, waiting for impressions that we would not expect on a daily basis.

We were not disappointed. The track in Jastrzębie can really put you through the hoops - even if you think that you are a very good driver. Controlled skidding and emergency braking, a water curtain jerk, avoiding obstacles - all at different speeds, and finally - timing with elements overtrained on the course. Safe, under the supervision of professional instructors. Cars with manual and automatic transmissions.

All participants received appropriate certificates.

The conclusion is obvious - courses like the one we have completed should be completed by every candidate for a driver during the driving license course. Every driver should test their skills from time to time. You can also do this by using your car on the track. However, your actions will always take place under the watchful eye of the instructor.


photos: Krzysztof Kapturski, Marek Skóra, Adam Bajbak

Text by: Krzysztof Kapturski



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