At the invitation of the Slovak Section of the IPA in Nove Zamky (Eng. ''New Castles'') and Zemné mayor municipalities, a delegation of the Region IPA Radom took part in the 2nd "Betyárbogrács" - International Cooking Competition, which took place on 11 June 2016 in Zemné - Slovakia.

To get to the competition site we started our trip already in the morning on Friday, June 10. Along the way we visited the picturesque Banska Bystrica, and in the evening we checked into the hotel in Nove Zamky.

During Saturday's tournament the IPA Region Radom was represented by a team composed of two merried couples - Katarzyna and Mariusz Tkacz and Anna and Maciej Szlacheta, supported by 26 members and supporters of the Region.

Already in the morning at the stadium in Zemné, where the competition was held, teams from Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia pitched their tents. Teams began to cook at 9:00. Our team prepared potato pancakes, goulash of deer and tzatziki sauce. The competition in Zemné also had other purposes. It was an excellent opportunity to enter into a friendship over the border divisions, the development of cultural contacts, promoting the regions in which we live. This time - as members of the Region IPA Radom are not only Radom inahabitants – we promoted Grójec region and its main export product - apples.

The competition ended at 1:00 pm. According to the jury we deserved an honorable mention. However, the greatest appreciation for the taste of our pancakes, goulash and tzatzyki sauce was that they disappeared in a flash from our tables.

After the closing ceremony all participants could entertain until the early hours of the morning.

On the way back to Poland we planned a tour of the Slovak capital. Bratislava is one of the four (next to Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna), capitals along the Danube. It also turned out that it has a rather complicated grid of roads, because for several minutes we were circling the city, unable to get out of it.

Emotions on the route back were potentiated by the match between Poland and Northern Ireland at Euro 2016. We could not watch it on TV, and radio waves were effectively obscured by the mountains. A win 1:0 found us still on Slovak soil, but it was so comforting that somehow we were able to withstand the hardships of a very twisty track, which our driver led us on the way to Radom, which seemed to have no end. But fortunately it had one – eventually we arrived at 3:00 am on Monday.


Written by Maciej Szlacheta and Krzysztof Kapturski

Photos: Krzysztof Kapturski


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